After months of various teams competing with one another during the Operation Havoc league, Rampage Esports secures their first place through a best of five match against RektEsports. With Rampage and Rekt at first and second place, Fractals secured their spot as second runner up against Imperium Pro Team (IPT).

The competition itself seemed to play out differently than some had expected – especially the match between RektEsports and IPT. RektEsports ended up securing the first two maps even with their slow start in their Overpass match. Their ability to secure the score of 2-0 against the crowd favoured IPT lead to them facing Rampage Esports in the finals and although all teams had performed exceptionally, it is fair to say that it was quite unexpected for IPT to lose both maps to RektEsports.

Regardless, all teams had played well. The teams had to show us their abilities in-game and their stamina had been tested as they competed throughout the day. It just comes to show that even if a team is favoured, at the end of the day teams must persist mentally and physically throughout these kinds of tournaments otherwise their mistakes will be punished.May the next Havoc tournament be another opportunity for Philippine teams to test their skills on one another even if against teams that they may think are better.

Congratulations, once again, to Rampage Esports for a wonderful tournament and for not losing a single map in the Operation Havoc finals. Rampage Esports is definitely up and coming and I look forward to spectating their future games and continuing to following the scene here in the Philippines.





What is Havoc Gaming Server PH?
The Havoc Gaming Servers PH is a Free CS:GO Dedicated Server based in the Philippines with 128tick, 128 Update and CMD Rate
with 20 different servers,
Competitive Server 1-6
Scrim Server 1-4
Tournament Server 1-10
FFA Server, 2 Aim Map Server and Retake Server

Server Specification :
Intel Core i7 7740x
32GB DDR4 3200MHz
500gb Samsung 960 Pro M.2
PLDT Fibr Connection

Our Mission :
Make Philippine CS:GO great again! and to build a community for the Filipino gamers and soon we will have our own CS:GO Major here in our home country